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Best Free Porn Links

Hey, as you’re browsing the web, you’ve almost certainly seen plenty of porn in your time. We all have, it’s what the internet was invented for! Okay, perhaps that’s not strictly true, but you can’t deny the fact that there is A LOT of porn out there, far more porn than you could ever watch yourself. What’s that? Challenge accepted? No, we weren’t actually challenging you to attempt to visit every single porn site currently in existence, though by all means feel free to try. The thing about internet porn is that, actually, it has sort of ruined regular porn for most of us. Back in the early days, the only porn you had was in magazine form, and dodgy VHS tapes that you had to hide somewhere in your room. Back then, you had to work for your porn, and because it was so scarce, you appreciated it all the more. Suddenly, along came streaming, along came porn streaming sites, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Why choose cool porn links?

There are plenty of reasons to choose, though the main reasons are simply due to the fact that we have so much porn to choose from. You see, as mentioned, in the early 90s, porn was special because it was so much harder to come across. When you found a magazine or a porn VHS tape, you truly appreciated it and you would guard it with your life. As more and more porn websites, and eventually free porn streaming sites popped up, porn sort of lost its mystique. Back then, regular porn was more than capable of doing the job, but now, regular porn is considered pretty bland. This is why cool porn links is so useful, because we have links to pretty much every porn website you can imagine.


Why we created cool porn links

We made the site because we want to give you the porn you want, and the porn that you deserve. We recognise the fact that porn has changed and our tastes have changed with it, and sometimes, regular porn just isn’t going to cut it. Some days we feel in the mood to watch solo porn, sometimes we want busty porn, sometimes we want uniform porn, and sometimes we want downright kinky porn. Well, whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve got you covered as we made it our mission to link pretty much every porn site you could imagine.


What kinds of porn can we find on cool porn links?

The simple answer is pretty much every type of porn you could ever imagine. From solo action to threesomes, we’ve got everything you could ever want. What’s more, we have free, and paid premium sites to choose from as well. What’s more, the porn links you’ll find on our site have been found to be completely safe, so you needn’t worry about risks to your computer or smart device. The best way to discover what kinds of porn we have on offer is to simply head over to our site and take a look for yourself.

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